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Self-Care Tips from the Community

The idea of relaxing during the busy holiday season seems bizarre. Right now soapmakers and small business owners are working hard to get orders out the door. However, it’s important to take care of yourself now more than ever – even if that means 5 minutes of relaxing in front of a fire before wrapping and […]

DIY Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

One of the little joys in life is opening a bag of cocoa butter – the chocolate scent is hard to beat. We made sure to savor that moment when creating these Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs, which are chock-full of goodness. The base is a simple mixture of baking soda, citric acid, cocoa butter, and Pure Honey Fragrance […]

Craft Fair Tips from Makers Video

Every market or festival you attend is a learning experience. Vendors learn new ways to decorate their displays, faster ways to assemble them, and what products people want to buy. We went to the Holiday Festival of the Arts here in Bellingham, WA and asked makers to pass along that knowledge in this video. They share […]

Moringa Clay Mask DIY

The moringa tree is also known as the Miracle Tree and the Tree of Life. It’s considered a superfood because the leaves are packed with vitamins A, B, and C, manganese, and protein, and the seeds contain potassium, fiber, and magnesium. This DIY mask contains moringa seed oil and moringa leaf powder to create an incredibly skin-loving product. This […]

DIY Salt Scrub Cubes

Winter is known for wreaking havoc on the skin. These Salt Scrub Cubes are made with Epsom salt to scrub away dry skin and cocoa butter and avocado butter to leave it moisturized and comfortable. The color and fragrance of these cubes are inspired by gemstones. The batch was split into three containers and scented with Amethyst Fragrance Oil, Moonstone Fragrance Oil, and Jade […]

Thanksgiving Deals

We hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow. This year (and every other year) we’re thankful for our amazing customers and all the ways they inspire us. To show our appreciation, there will be deals all week so you can stock up for the holidays. Starting today you get three times as many samples with your order – […]

Jade Cold Process Soap Tutorial

The jade stone is known for its beautiful green color and the thought that it has healing properties. The stone inspired our Jade Fragrance Oil, which is a fresh and green floral scent. It has notes of English ivy, jasmine, green apple, and neroli. The wispy swirls in these jade bars are created by pouring the green and […]

Follow Anne-Marie’s Creative Journey

Bramble Berry CEO and Founder Anne-Marie is passionate about creativity and believes it’s essential for everyone. That passion led her to start Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions and Soap Queen. She’s able to inspire, cheerlead, coach, and lead our 60,000 customers – most of whom are small businesses that sell soap at farmers markets. While soapmaking will […]

Lump of Coal Soap Tutorial

The lore of children receiving a lump of coal for Christmas occurs in many cultures. While the origin stories are all slightly different, one aspect is consistent: bad children receive a lump of coal and good children receive a present. These Lump of Coal Soaps put a fun spin on holiday gifts. Your friends and family […]

Orange Spice Hot Process Soap Tutorial

We love making things from scratch. That love of DIY inspired this Orange Spice Hot Process Soap, complete with homemade dried orange slices. The slices were created in a dehydrator as a perfect accent for this holiday project. It’s scented with a combination of Orange 10X Essential Oil and cinnamon leaf essential oil, which makes the bars smell like a delicious […]