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Lime LaCroix Soap Tutorial

The fridge at the Bramble Berry studios is currently filled with lime LaCroix. It’s a crowd-pleasing flavor that’s the perfect pick-me-up during the afternoon. With so much LaCroix in the office, we had to make soap with it. This Lime LaCroix Soap is a more abstract interpretation than the Grapefruit LaCroix Soap. Rather than trying to […]

Grapefruit LaCroix Soap Tutorial

It seems everyone is obsessed with LaCroix right now, and we’re no exception. If you scan the office, you’re bound to see a few cans. The bubbly beverage inspired this Grapefruit LaCroix Soap. It’s made with flat LaCroix instead of distilled water and scented with Grapefruit Bellini Fragrance Oil. We’ve never made soap with sparkling water before, so this was […]

Candy Corn Soap Tutorial

Love it or hate it, candy corn is a Halloween staple. The layers and colors of candy corn translate perfectly to melt and pour soap. Layers of yellow, orange, and white soap are poured into the Tall 12″ Silicone Loaf Mold. Then, they are cut into triangles and the edges are rounded out with the Clean Up Tool. […]

Caramel Apple Soap DIY

When you see treats like candy corn, apple cider, and pumpkin spice everything hitting the store shelves, you know fall isn’t too far away. Caramel apples are another classic. Who doesn’t love the combination of creamy, sweet caramel and tart, crunchy apples? We certainly do, which is why we decided to recreate the look in […]

DIY Salted Caramel Bath Truffles

Ever since we created the formula for Rainbow Bubbling Bath Truffles, we can’t stop putting new spins on it. Our first recreation was the Mermaid Bubbling Bath Truffles, complete with an aquatic color scheme and tropical scent. Now we are looking to the holidays with the latest iteration – Salted Caramel Bath Truffles. Scented with delicious Burnt […]

Using the Bramble Berry Lye Calculator

This post was updated in 2017 with the new Bramble Berry Lye Calculator design. Customizing soap recipes is one of the many advantages of making products from scratch. There’s a lot of joy in experimenting and finding the perfect combination of ingredients that make your skin feel great. The Bramble Berry Lye Calculator makes it easy to do just that. […]

Beginner’s Cold Process Soap Kit

It’s best to start with an easy recipe when making cold process soap for the first time. The Beginner’s Cold Process Soap Kit is specially designed for just that – it includes ingredients for a simple and straightforward bar of soap. The Beginner’s Cold Process Soap Kit is one of our oldest kits, so it was time for an update. […]

Swirl Melt & Pour Soap Kit

There’s a reason swirl designs are so popular. Not only are they fun to do, but your soap turns out differently each time. The Swirl Soap Kit includes everything you need to give the technique a try. We first shared the tutorial in 2009 – you can watch the Soap Queen TV video here. Eight years later, […]

Bath Bomb Cupcake Kit

Created in 2010, the DIY Bath Bomb Cupcake video on Soap Queen TV is our most popular video to date. With almost 1 million views, it’s easy to see why this project is so popular. Who doesn’t love bath bombs and cupcakes? After 7 years, the Bath Bomb Cupcake Kit was ready for a refresh. The […]