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Catching Up with Donovan Discovers

Photo by Stopped Down Studio To say Donovan Smith has been busy the past four years is a bit of an understatement. The 14-year-old entrepreneur behind Donovan Discovers has been making soap, selling it, and donating a portion of the profits to help homeless people in Albuquerque, NM. He and his mother Casey used to be homeless, so […]

Tips for Staying Organized During the Holidays

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year for soapmakers and small business owners. Preparing for markets and dealing with the increase in orders can feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the soapmaking community is here to help. We asked how people stayed on track on our Facebook and Instagram pages and got some great tips – thanks to […]

Best of 2017 Stocking Stuffers

If you need inspiration for your next recipe, new products are the way to go. A new scent can inspire a complementary design, a new oil can add something special to your favorite recipe, and a new natural additive can be the perfect finishing touch. We took that to heart and released plenty of new products that inspired […]

Ask Anne-Marie – Celebrity Soaper Edition

As you can imagine, Bramble Berry CEO and Founder Anne-Marie gets a lot of questions. They’re about everything from owning a business to using natural colorants in soap. While she can’t answer them all, that won’t stop her from trying in the newest episode of Ask Anne-Marie. You can watch the first episode here and […]

Beet Cold Process Soap Tutorial

We love testing new ingredients. Beet root powder and rosehip powder are two additives that have interesting results in cold process soap. Despite its vibrant natural color, beet root powder fades almost completely in cold process soap. On the other hand, rosehip powder goes through an interesting color transformation. This recipe contains both beet root powder and rosehip powder. […]

DIY Rosehip Melt & Pour Soap

Rosehip powder is full of vitamin C, which makes it a popular additive for beauty recipes. Interestingly, it’s not the rosy color you’d imagine. Instead, rosehip powder is a mustard yellow hue that changes to burgundy in cold process and melt and pour soap. This Rosehip Melt & Pour Soap contains both rosehip powder and rose […]

New Exotic Oils

It’s easy to find your favorite soapmaking ingredients and stick with them. After all, it can take years to find your perfect recipe. Why not shake things up this holiday season? It just so happens we have a new collection of exotic oils, seeds, and powders so you can take a break from preparing orders […]

Lime LaCroix Soap Tutorial

The fridge at the Bramble Berry studios is currently filled with lime LaCroix. It’s a crowd-pleasing flavor that’s the perfect pick-me-up during the afternoon. With so much LaCroix in the office, we had to make soap with it. This Lime LaCroix Soap is a more abstract interpretation than the Grapefruit LaCroix Soap. Rather than trying to […]

Grapefruit LaCroix Soap Tutorial

It seems everyone is obsessed with LaCroix right now, and we’re no exception. If you scan the office, you’re bound to see a few cans. The bubbly beverage inspired this Grapefruit LaCroix Soap. It’s made with flat LaCroix instead of distilled water and scented with Grapefruit Bellini Fragrance Oil. We’ve never made soap with sparkling water before, so this was […]