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Gardener Melt & Pour Soap Kit

Inspired by the colors and textures of the outdoors, the Gardener Soap Kit is an oldie but goodie. We first created the project back in 2011 – watch the original Soap Queen TV video here. Six years later, it was time for a refresh. The refreshed Gardener Soap Kit has a similar design and feel, but with […]

Whisky Beard Balm DIY

Facial hair requires its own particular care and maintenance. Without extra moisture, the skin underneath can become itchy, flaky, and dry. Beard oil and balms help promote healthy facial skin, as well as keeping beards soft and full. This Whisky Beard Balm is incredibly easy to make. The majority of the balm is comprised of our Beard Oil […]

DIY Bourbon & Beeswax Candles

Candles are particularly comforting during the fall and winter. This Bourbon & Beeswax Candle is the perfect addition to your home for autumn and beyond. It’s made with the new Kentucky Bourbon Fragrance Oil, which features notes of spicy clove, leather and oak cask. The Kentucky Bourbon Fragrance Oil is part of our limited edition Cocktail Fragrance Oil […]

Sparkling Fig Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial

Here in Bellingham, WA, almost every restaurant has a specialty cocktail. Many of the drinks feature house-infused liquor and funky combinations like thyme and peach puree. The interesting combination of flavors, colors, and textures in artisan cocktails inspired this melt and pour project. It’s made with Sparkling Fig Cocktail Fragrance Oil, which is a fruity yet […]

Eggnog Cold Process Soap DIY

When the temperature starts to drop, nothing beats a glass of eggnog. Well, nothing except a glass of eggnog with a little splash of rum. If you’re a fan of that combination, you’ll love our new Spiked Eggnog Fragrance Oil. It has notes of vanilla, nutmeg, caramel, and rum.  Those warm and comforting notes inspired […]

Introducing the Cocktail Fragrance Oil Collection

We have a new collection of cocktail-inspired scents that will get you in the creative spirit. It includes Scotch Whisky Fragrance Oil, Spiked Eggnog Fragrance Oil, Sparkling Fig Cocktail Fragrance Oil, and Kentucky Bourbon Fragrance Oil. They have warm, spicy, and sweet notes that work well in holiday projects, but can also be used year-round. We can’t wait to see […]

Rose Quartz Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial

Rose quartz is known as the Heart Stone and is thought to inspire imagination and love. Harness that energy with these Rose Quartz Melt and Pour Soaps. They feature a soft pink hue with swirls of white to emulate the real stone. They are scented with Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil, which is a fresh and citrusy spin on a rose scent. The soaps couldn’t be easier […]

Amethyst Crystal Soap Tutorial

Happy Friday, everybody! This is Lane (aka Mama Bass) from Mama Bass Handmade Soap, and I am going to teach you how to make Amethyst Crystal Soap Points out of clear melt and pour soap. I’m very excited to be given this opportunity to test out Bramble Berry’s new Amethyst Fragrance Oil and even create something […]

DIY Crystal Bath Bombs

The colors and textures of crystals provide endless inspiration. These Crystal Bath Bombs were created with geodes in mind. Fine grained Dead Sea Salt gives a crystal-like texture to each bath bomb. Then, various colors of mica are painted on the salt to give depth and interest. Deodorized cocoa butter is added to the bath bomb mixture […]