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Craft Fair Tips from Makers Video

Craft Fair Tips from Makers -Blog

Every market or festival you attend is a learning experience. Vendors learn new ways to decorate their displays, faster ways to assemble them, and what products people want to buy.

We went to the Holiday Festival of the Arts here in Bellingham, WA and asked makers to pass along that knowledge in this video. They share their tips for making your products stand out and decorating your display. They also talk about the advantages of selling at festivals versus online or in stores. It’s a great resource for first-time sellers or those considering whether to give markets a try.

Special thanks to:
Robert with Keene’s Jewelry
Cat with Sea Witch Botanicals
Karma with Karmela Botanica
Sheila with SheRa Creations
Susan with Ebb and Flow Knitwear

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